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Meet our consulting team: Introducing Maggie Partsi

March 2, 2021

Meet Maggie Partsi, Torii’s Principal Consultant, a recruitment specialist helping our clients – the most recognisable brand names in tech – to hire Australia’s best Design & Content specialists.

Maggie joined Torii Consulting in early 2020 and since then she has made a huge impact on her peers, our clients and the Design and Tech professionals she works with. Her detailed knowledge of the Design and Content space, her infectious positivity, and her ‘can-do’ attitude has seen her fast become a crowd favourite with both our clients and those seeking a job in tech. 

Due to her continued success in the role, we are pleased to announce her promotion to the role of Principal Consultant. So we spoke to Maggie about her career as a Design and Tech recruitment specialist at Torii, to help you get to know her a little better…

Maggie, first of all, congratulations on your recent promotion to the role of Principal Consultant – a well-deserved appointment. Tell us a little bit about yourself – your journey so far and what led you to work with Torii Consulting. 

It’s the age-old question: “Why did you get into recruitment?” The answers are always so varied and interesting! My journey started as a copywriter and content strategist. I was meeting with recruiters who were putting me forward for roles in the field until one of them said: “Have you ever considered recruitment? You should become one of us!” As the *one of us, one of us* chant began to sing its way into my mind, I realised it was actually something I’d never considered before, but the recruiter in front of me was so vivacious and fun-spirited and reminded me so much of myself that I thought, ‘If she loves it, why won’t I?’

Five and a half years later and I’m still loving it – now at Torii Consulting. I’ve worked with start-ups, digital and advertising agencies and large corporations all around Australia, and working with Torii gives me the variety I crave, partnering with all different types of clients in my favourite areas – Content and Design.

You are recognised by clients and candidates as our resident ‘Design & Content’ specialist – an area you are highly knowledgeable in and passionate about. What are some of the trends you are witnessing in this space?

Having worked in the Content space myself, it definitely is a big passion of mine. The Design and Content space is constantly changing, and I think the biggest positive so far is the fact that the two departments are actually becoming a lot more intertwined and working together. You can’t have great Content without great Design – and people are finally starting to realise that.

Another key trend within Design is more appreciation and use of data and research to guide Design, as well as the huge amount of opportunity there now is to actually study subjects like UX and UI design, which previously weren’t available.

What’s the most important piece of advice you offer your candidate network?

I tend to personalise my advice to each candidate based on what they appear to need most.

For some, it may just be advice on their folio, such as ensuring the relevance of work to the position listed, creating a website that is interactive and engaging, or showcasing case studies in a PDF that can be compressed and sent via email.

For others, it’s things like getting rid of self-doubt, being able to be proud of your work without feeling like an imposter, and just knowing that with each opportunity you don’t get, you are one step closer to the one that you’re meant to have. Last year was a tough one unemployment-wise, so simple advice like not giving up was often key.

Oh, and of course remembering to wear pants during your ZOOM interview on the off chance that you’ll need to get up!

How have the events of the past year shaped the way you work – with clients, with candidates and with your team? 

The sudden switch to working from home (every day) was an adjustment for sure. Going from being surrounded by a sociable team all day, having lunches and drinks, to wandering around my house alone, trying to see if my housemates were in meetings or if they wanted to help me make Margaritas at 11 am was not how I pictured my typical Monday.

After a while I adapted to the “new normal” and have since found there are actually a lot of benefits. The flexibility of being able to work from home has become the new norm and the ability to communicate with your team, with clients and with candidates through avenues such as ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Slack or just a quick phone call has opened up an abundance of opportunity for teams to work together and collaborate on both a local and national level.

If you weren’t a Consultant, what would we find you doing for work?

This is a hard question for sure – there are so many things I love to do. I run my own business out of hours (VibeDate), where I organise dates for couples for anniversaries, birthdays, and just for date night, so I would probably be spending a lot more time on that. I love to eat, so Food Critic would be very high up on the list. I love to write, so a book may be in the works. I’d also love to pursue my dream of becoming a Zumba instructor (if only I wasn’t so clumsy)! I’d love to dance my way around the world, but more realistically I’d probably be working at the diner up the road, simply because I’d get to wear roller-skates to work.

You can connect with or follow Maggie Partsi on LinkedIn here.

If you are a jobseeker looking for contract or project-based work in Design or Tech in Melbourne or Sydney, or if you are a business and would like to discuss your upcoming project needs, reach out to the Torii Consulting team via email on

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