With the evolution and growth of cloud technology, businesses are increasingly phasing out traditional IT infrastructure in favour of cloud alternatives.


Increased flexibility, scalability, efficiency and innovation are just a few of the benefits that cloud computing offers. We’re seeing technology become more accessible to customers ranging from large enterprises to individuals, with providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform making this possible.


Torii Consulting are specialists in providing statement of work and contract services to tech-led organisations seeking cloud computing contractors. We have extensive experience in cloud and emerging technology recruitment.


As early adopters of cloud computing, Torii Consulting has been providing cloud consultancy services well ahead of our competitors. We are recognised for our capabilities specifically relating to emerging technologies and innovation, including public, private and hybrid cloud.


Our extensive Australian and global networks within cloud computing mean our experienced consultants are able to source the most qualified, highly-skilled IT professionals on-demand, and quickly.

– Cloud Architects
– Cloud SMEs
– Cloud Engineers
– Cloud Security Specialists
– Site Reliability Engineers

– Azure

See what you could achieve with the best people, the right skill sets and innovative technology.