Paul Stubbs recently joined Torii Consulting as a Solution Specialist offering our clients a wealth of experience and knowledge. So we thought we’d let you get to know him a little better…


Meet our consulting team: Introducing Paul Stubbs

November 23, 2020

Introducing Paul Stubbs

Paul Stubbs recently joined Torii Consulting as a Solution Specialist, offering our clients a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from his 20 years’ experience in delivering consulting solutions within the tech sector.

His strong domain expertise in Data & Analytics, User Experience, Infrastructure, Security & DevOps/Cloud Projects, places him in a unique position to be able to help our clients uplift their project capability and achieve their desired business outcomes.

We thought we’d let you get to know him a little better…

Paul, firstly it’s great to have you on board. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

It’s great to be on board! I have been working in the IT solutions space across product technology and professional services for 20 years. My core focus has been to understand client requirements and their project pain points; to pinpoint solutions that will deliver the clients desired business outcomes.

You’ve worked with some great brands over the years Dimension Data, Quantum IT, Yellowfin BI to name a few. Tell us about the journey that lead you ultimately to Torii?

My journey to Torii has included working within large tech vendors. Vendors such as HP and solution providers, like Dimension Data. And helping start-up companies, such as Yellowfin BI, grow their client base. 

I have been very lucky to experience the delivery aspects of the fast-paced environment of larger organisations and the excitement and exhilaration of participating in the growth of a small to medium organisation

What drew me towards Torii was the deep domain expertise of the consulting team and the speed of Torii’s project capability delivery to large and complex environments, like Australia Post, NAB and Telstra.

The fact that Torii had built dedicated and specific capability practices across domains like Data, Digital, Cloud and Security allows me to focus on providing our clients the right capability at the right time for their projects. 

We often hear from our clients about their frustrations. This includes dealing with consultants who don’t ‘get’ their recruitment requirements. What’s the key to your success here?

I believe the focus, certainly from a professional services perspective, is that you are listening to the clients business problem before providing a solution. Without an understanding of the problem and the desired outcome, how can value be added by a provider to the clients project.

The client’s requirement and business problem will always define and lead the solution.

At Torii we understand no client environment is the same. If you look at some of our clients, such as NAB and Telstra, that applies at a more granular level. You have complex projects occurring across many multiple business units, for example, the project capability requirements of a development operations unit will be completely different to the capability requirements of a cloud or financial fraud unit.

From requirements gathering, to capability delivery. We have a heavy focus on domain expertise and being able to walk in our client’s shoes. With the ability to liaise with both technology and business stakeholders, Torii consultants are experts in their domain.

Our clients are not just getting a consultant when they engage with Torii. They are getting the experience and expertise of our whole practice in that domain area from design and development, to data and security. 

What have been  your observations and predictions for the tech consulting market post-Covid?

Upcoming trends I am seeing from client discussions include

1. Stakeholder experience. From customer to employee and managers -organisations are seeing improved experience and interactions to gain a competitive advantage.

2. Data/Cyber Security and privacy improvements.

3. Operations as a service. Supplying business services like collaboration and productivity tools, through remote access across multiple complex infrastructures to support customers and employees.

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