Data science & analytics.

Data science & analytics.

For teams and enterprises to gain competitive advantage and drive business performance, data analytics and data science have become a mandatory element of any business strategy.


Having the right data science and analytics software tools is just one part of the solution. To compete in an increasingly data-driven world, businesses must leverage data and invest in data and analytics professionals and platforms to garner strategic insights.


In some cases, a standard technical team without specialised data sciences and analytics skill-sets can handle this, however, more complex software, hardware and infrastructure solutions can mean that your business outgrows your own tech team’s abilities and capacity.


In these instances, businesses often turn to Torii to assist with engaging specialist data and analytics contract professionals to cater to their on-demand project needs.


With the limited pool of qualified data analytics experts available in Australia, it’s more important than ever that you partner with a reputable tech consulting specialist that has long and deep-seated roots in the global tech community and beyond.


Torii Consulting specialises in providing on-demand consultancy services to technology businesses and teams seeking ongoing contract or project-based data and analytics specialists.


We are specialists in the provision of IT contractors across all facets of emerging technology, including data science and analytics professionals. Our long-term and broad Australian and global networks enable us to rapidly provide the most qualified, highly-skilled data-driven professionals on-demand.

– Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
– Data Scientists
– Data Engineers
– Data Analysts
– Machine Learning Scientists/ Engineers

– Geo-spatial
– AI ‑ Artificial Intelligence
– AI-one
– Machine Learning
– Big Data
– AWS ­‑ Amazon Web Services
– Apache Hadoop
– Hive
– Scala
– Python
– R

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