DevOps, an enterprise software development phrase, embodies the agile relationship between development and IT operations. It unites agile, git, continuous delivery, automation, and much more, to help development and operations teams fast track efficiency and improve innovation and value for businesses and customers.


Torii Consulting are specialists in providing statement of work and contract services to tech-led organisations seeking DevOps contractors. We have extensive experience in DevOps recruitment for many of Australia’s enterprise and high-growth businesses.


Having provided DevOps consultants since we opened our doors, Torii is well entrenched in the Australian DevOps community with extensive networks.

– DevOps Engineers
– DevOps Consultants
– DevSecOps Engineers
– DevOps Specialists
– DevOps Architects
– Automation Engineers
– Automation Consultants
– Automation Specialists
– Site Reliability Engineers

– Azure
– Docker
– Kubernetes
– Jenkins
– Ansible
– Elastic Container (EC2)
– Chef
– Splunk
– Puppet

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