External threats and internal vulnerabilities continue to evolve over time and are increasingly leaving businesses exposed to cyber risk.


As these cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, complex and frequent, the amount of Australian businesses being impacted is also increasing, creating escalating demand for highly-skilled cybersecurity professionals to build cyber resilience.


Torii Consulting are specialists in working with proactive and at-risk businesses to provide on-demand contract security professionals. We have extensive local Australian and global networks within cybersecurity. We efficiently provide highly-skilled security professionals on-demand, from a diverse range of backgrounds including IT, operations, data privacy and forensic technology.

– Security Architects
– Cyber-Security Engineers, Architects & Specialists
– Network Security Engineers & Specialists
– DevSecOps Engineers, Consultants & Specialists
– Ethical Hackers
– Penetration Testers
– Chief Information Security Officers (CISO’s)
– Heads of Security
– Heads of Risk Management
– Information Security Analysts
– Security Consultants
– Network Security Managers
– Cyber-Security Specialists

– ISO 27001
– CIS Critical Security Controls
– Argus
– P0f
– Nagios
– Splunk
– Tor
– KeePass
– TrueCrypt
– Nikto
– NMap
– WireShark
– SolarWinds
– Intruder
– Malwarebytes
– Mimecast
– Snort
– Webroot
– Metasploit
– Nessus
– Aircrack
– John the Ripper
– Burp Suite

See what you could achieve with the best people, the right skill sets and innovative technology.