Tech is a creative industry at its core, and design professionals are the artists, architects and storytellers who bring a brand to life in a digital and visual sense, striving for a seamless and pleasant user and customer experience.

As the world has increasingly moved online, demand for digital design professionals, including UX, UI, CX, product and service designers, has grown and evolved accordingly.


At Torii, we are experts in providing on-demand emerging tech consultancy services to technology businesses and teams seeking UX, UI, CX, product and services designers for ongoing contract or project-based engagements.


We have built long-lasting networks across all facets of emerging technology and innovation, including the various emerging designer specialisations. Our long-standing and broad Australian and global networks within design enable us to rapidly provide the most qualified, highly-skilled design professionals on-demand.

– UX Designers
– UX Consultants
– CX Designers
– Experience Designers
– User Researchers
– UI Designers
– Product Designers
– Service Designers

– Wireframing
– Prototyping
– Customer journey planning
– Journey mapping
– User stories
– Research
– Qualitative research
– Quantitative research
– Contextual enquiry
– Focus groups
– Visual design
– User interface design
– Customer experience
– Research
– Journey mapping
– Feature improvements
– Continuous improvement
– Sketch
– InVision
– Adobe Creative Suite
– Adobe CC

See what you could achieve with the best people, the right skill sets and innovative technology.