Specialising in innovation and emerging technologies, Torii Consulting delivers the rare talent and in-demand skills that help your business grow at scale.

Industry leaders.
Passionate people.
Every time.

At Torii, we’re perfectly placed to provide better tech outcomes and hard-to-find talent for Australia’s largest and fastest-growing businesses. We started life working alongside some of the most successful tech start-ups in the country, delivering the right talent to help create big brands in competitive markets.


We have embraced agile business methodologies, and we’re embedded in Australia’s emerging technologies landscape. Today, we give large corporations this edge, providing you with rare skills from the right people, quickly and consistently so you can grow your business at scale. It’s talent-driven digital transformation, it’s tailored to you, and Torii makes it easy.

Torii success stories.

Torii has partnered with disruptive Melbourne start-ups like Redbubble, CultureAmp and GreenSync to help fast-track their success, and today, we do the same for some of Australia’s most iconic large businesses, including Australia Post, Telstra, and NAB.