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Pioneering the Intersection of Design and AI with Jason Ross of Time Under Tension

December 5, 2023

Joe Woodham recently spoke  with Jason Ross, co-founder of Time Under Tension, about how they are helping companies embrace generative AI.

Jason has an extensive background in digital design, leading agencies and working with major brands like Frog & Accenture. He started Time Under Tension about a year ago after seeing the potential for generative AI to enable new experiences and innovation.

Some key insights from our chat:

– Autonomous applications like chatbots are still early, requiring more experimentation and fine-tuning. But the technology is advancing rapidly.

–  It’s crucial for organizations to take a thoughtful, top-down approach to implementing AI responsibility. Provide frameworks and guidance so staff use it effectively.

–  Continuous learning is critical as new advances emerge daily. But equal creativity is needed to find valuable real-world applications. It’s not just about acquiring AI skills.

–  Finding niche expertise – both in AI application domains and industry subject matter – will be key to developing the most human-centric AI solutions.

It was fascinating to learn from Jason’s hands-on experience in this emerging space. Check out the full video, and keen to hear your thoughts.


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