Diversity & Inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion.

As the war for design escalates, businesses need to invest time in developing diversity and inclusion strategies to attract and retain top design talent—from within Australia, and globally.

Fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce is critically important to remain competitive in today’s market. It is widely documented that businesses that proactively build diverse organisations outperform their competitors, and are more likely to attract and retain talented professionals.

By recruiting professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds, across various levels of seniority, businesses gain a competitive edge through a broader range of perspectives, insights and experiences.

Re-think your D&I thinking.

You may think your workplace culture is inclusive, but is this truly how you are perceived by your staff and by the talent you seek to attract?

With so many available career opportunities and options in design, businesses must consider more than ever before what makes them the most attractive option. These businesses should be seeking out recruitment consulting partners who support their endeavours, in principle and in practice.

Gain your competitive edge, through people.

At Torii Consulting, we are an equal opportunities employer and an advocate for our clients and the design professionals we represent.
We have D&I centric policies and procedures in place, and provide ongoing coaching and training with our team in the following areas:

• promoting diversity awareness
• recognising unconscious bias
• inclusive job writing
• inclusive best practice recruitment policies

We also understand the importance of helping our clients find ‘new voices’ for their teams, to ensure continued innovation. We work with our clients to understand how we can showcase their business to potential design talent.

We are proud to work with many of Australia’s most recognisable brands in design; businesses who are increasingly adapting their policies and practices around Diversity & Inclusion to attract and retain top design talent. We encourage and work with our clients to foster a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. Equally, at Torii Consulting, we are committed to building a diverse team, where inclusiveness is integral to every interaction—be that with clients, candidates or each other.

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