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Building Design Research In Scale-Ups With Ioanis Hristodoulou

December 6, 2023

Joe recently had  the immense pleasure of chatting with the brilliant Ioanis Hristodoulou, a seasoned UX research strategist who has built design research with scale-ups Culture Amp & Envato. Our dive into design research’s nuances was genuinely enlightening.

Key Takeaways:

*  The real superpower of a design researcher? Being the connector, the ‘glue’ in the organisation, linking knowledge and people.

*  Scaling without dedicated research? It’s like sailing without a compass. Know your users, understand their holistic experience.

*  Designers, speaking the business lingo can help articulate the value of design seamlessly to the execs.

Want to better bridge the gap between research and business impact? Ioanis is your go-to guru! Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.🤝


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